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BSNL Triff Plane by Anuj


1DOMESTIC SMSAs per tariff card para 7 
(a) Premium Non-Person to Person SMS    For this SMS based value added service, tariff to is determined by the content providers
  (b) Group messaging Rental 
100/- per month
SMS charges
as per (a) above
(c) Optionall SMS Package
Plain P2P SMS
Monthly Charges
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 15/- Rs. 20/-Rs. 30/-
Free SMS local (per month)
250 SMS
Free SMS national (per month)NilNil1000 
Uniform Charge per SMS beyond free SMS
0.01 APP*APP*
* APP: As per plan.
Service Tax as applicable will be charged extra.
The facility of reduced rate will not be available on five festival occasions “Blackout days” i.e. New Year (31 st Dec & 1 st Jan), Valentine day, Diwali & Christmas Day or as intimated to customers by field units. Normal SMS charges as per plan will be applicable in the above days
 (d) Charges for delivery reports of the SMS (applicable for all above) -  @ Rs.0.10 per SMS
B.  ROAMING (only to STD/ISD subscribers)
bRental  Nil 
cCall Charges (including Airtime plus IUC)     As per 8(A) of Tariff card

 Tariff for post paid customers of BSNL (out-bound roaming):
Fixed Monthly Rental for availing the service
Rs. 99/-
Security DepositSecurity deposit amount will be Rs. 5000, from all post-paid subscribers inclusive of security deposit already made. Where the subscriber has not made any security deposit earlier, full amount of Rs. 5000 is to be received. The Security Deposit may be enhanced based on calling pattern or default in payment, etc as in case of PSTN telephones. (**)
Charges for calls made
Charges for calls made while international roaming will be as levied by the network selected by the BSNL post paid subscriber. BSNL will levy a surcharge of 10% on such amount and bill the customer for the gross amount.
Charges for incoming calls [wef 01.07.2004]
a. In countries where charges are not levied - Rs 40/- per minute plus actual ILD charges applicable in HPLMN
b. In countries where charges are levied - Actual amount charged (including tax) in foreign countries plus 10% thereof plus actual ILD charges applicable in HPLMN.
C. Charges for International SMS (for post paid subscribers)
Outgoing SMS
Rs. 5 per message maximum 160 characters
(w.e.f. 10.08.2004)
Note: Service tax extra for outbound subscribers.
C. GPRS  ( applicable w.e.f. 01.09.2010) GPRS/EDGE Tariff applicable to 2G DataCard & Voice Plan - Click here
D. MMS SERVICES   (From Home/visited LSA)
P2P (Calling party or sender to Pay) Local/NationalRs 3 per MMSRs 3 per MMS
M2P (Downloader to Pay)As per rate fixed by content provider
1Voice mail facility  FreeNo upfront charges
  Recording Free 
  Retrieval O/G ChargesAs per plan
2CLIP  Free 
4Call waiting/call hold  Free 
5Call Forwarding (only within same LSA)  Normal call charges as per planNo fixed charges,
6SIM Replacement Charges  39on each occasion for fault on the part of the subscriber.
7Replacement of defective SIM  nilon BSNL's fault.
1. Mix of subscribers under various plans is allowed for VPN facility. Charges as per respective plans shall be applicable.
2. Subscribers can opt for combined or separate billing.
9Call conference***  Nilper month
10Friend & Family Talk (within LSA)
(Applicable in plan-325 & plan 525 within BSNL LSA only)
  Monthly rent per F&F number (in Rs)
Plan 325 -
Rs 49/-
Plan 525 -
Rs 24/-
  Call charges from Cell to Cell (in Rs) 50% of the normal call charges in respective plan.[Note: LSA - Licensed Service Area]
  Call Charges from cell to others  (in Rs)
(Others include Fixed, FWT, WLL (LM) services of BSNL with the same LSA)
50% of the normal call charges in respective plan. 
 Pulse rateAs per plan 
        50change of Nos. each occasion.
11Itemized Bill  nilProvided only on request basis
12Detailed Bill  nil 
13Cheque Bounce Charge  100on each occasion
14Number Change  100on each occasion
15Malicious call tracing  NAServices not immediately available
16Safe custody  50Each occasion, plus normal rental/plan
17Reconnection fee  39on each occasion
18Late payment fee  2% per month on overdue amount  subject to minimum Rs.20/-
  (*) Reduced rate is not available on these days i.e. New Year (31st Dec & Ist Jan), Valentine day, Diwali, Christmas day
 (**) Security Deposit and Advance Payment for ISD/ International roaming for corporate customers is waivable subject to a minimum of 5 connections are applied and a undertaking/guarantee is supplied by company to pay the dues in case their officers default on visits abroad.
1. Normal Call conferencing charges - Normal call rates will be charged.
2. Call conferencing with CUG group - Normal call rates applicable to other than CUG in own network will be charged.
3. Call conferencing under 3G services - Charges same as for 2G services, Video calls during conferencing would be charged as per general video call tariff.


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