30 मई, 2011

After 17 wives, UAE Man seek Indian spouse

Nilesh and Vijay

UAE national Daad Mohammed Al Balushi has 90 children from 17 wives. He also has 5 grandchildren. Another marriage is on the card in two days time-With a Pakistan national. But 65 year old Balushi is already- preferably from India. Speaking to VMW Team from Siddesh in the emirate of Ajman over phone he said : “I am visiting Jaipur next mouth to Replace a leg I lost in an accident with an artificial limb. During my trip to India I hope to find an India wife. All my wives are uneducated. I am looking for an Indian bride who is educated and is in the age group of 18 to 22.’’

Nilesh and Vijay

VMW Team

India's New Invention

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